Sync iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

We are excited to announce that now you can sync multiple devices using asthmaTrack – automatically, wirelessly and for free using iCloud. This was the most requested feature before releasing asthmaTrack 3.0. Not only is it helpful and convenient, but it’s also incredibly easy to setup. To start, install asthmaTrack on whichever devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) you have using the same Apple ID. If you’ve paid for it once you can install on other devices you own for free. Then, tap on Settings  in the lower bar.

Turn on Allow iCloud Sharing  on each device. If your device has cellular data and you’d like to use your data plan to sync up, turn on Allow Cellular Data . asthmaTrack diaries are typically small files, but please consider usage if you have a limited data plan – asthmaTrack and dangerDown are not responsible for any overage fees!


You should also ensure your device is setup for iCloudExit asthmaTrack and open the Settings  app included with iOS. Select iCloud and make sure Documents and Data are turned on.


Keep in mind that iCloud syncing is a service provide by Apple. Our app utilizes their servers to securely sync up all of your devices. While often quick and reliable, response time may vary and is outside our control.


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