Getting Started

First off – thank you for your interest in asthmaTrack! Now that you’ve downloaded the app onto your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad let’s get started with an overview of how everything works. It looks long, but we promise once you’re done everything will be easy.

What exactly is asthmaTrack?

asthmaTrack is a personal journal that helps you record information about your health as it happens, quickly and easily using the devices you already carry with you. By regularly recording quick notes and sharing them with your doctor you may be able to spot new trends, unknown triggers or find improvements to your treatment plans.

How does asthmaTrack work?

• asthmaTrack helps you create Diaries – personal journals about your health. You can create several diaries for yourself, loved ones or patients all on one device.

• Just like writing in a traditional diary, you create Entries. Each entry is a quick note about your symptoms, medication, treatments or the environment around you. The date and time are always included.

• The entries in your diary are written using Templates. Like filling out a form, your diary entries use buttons, sliders and checkboxes for common symptoms and conditions – just tap the ones you need to record at that moment.

How do I use asthmaTrack?

After installing the app, the first thing you’ll do is choose a name for your first diary.


Now we’ll create your first entry. For this example I’ll choose How I Feel.


First, you’ll see the date and time. This is always automatically recorded so you know when important events took place. For now, let’s choose Symptoms.


You’ll see a list of common asthma symptoms. You only need to tap on the ones you need to record right now. You can always leave some blank. Click Done when you’re finished.


Review your entry to make sure it’s correct, then click Done.


Click the Entries arrow in the upper left to go back to your diary. You can create additional entries by clicking the Plus (+) button. If all you’d like to do is write in your diary –  you can stop here! Use the app and get comfortable logging your health events. When you’re ready to learn more, come back to this guide.

For now let’s look at the entry you just created by clicking on it.


If you need to correct an entry, click Edit. Everything inside, including the time and date, can be adjusted. When finished, click Done to save or scroll to the bottom to Delete.


Click the Entries arrow and then Diaries arrow (both in the upper left)  to return to your Diaries list. That’s a common action is asthmaTrack – you will often see labelled arrows at the top of your screen to take you back.

Here you can click Edit  to add or delete diaries, or use the gray bars  and drag and drop to re-order your diaries. Put your most important diary at the top!


Now, when you need to quickly make an entry, click the Quick Start tab. Whichever diary you put at the top of your list will appear here, ready to add entries to.


Great! What else can asthmaTrack do?

asthmaTrack is a powerful tool. Most importantly you can customize your diary to record personalized information! You can also create graphs to track your progress, email reports and graphs to a doctor or caretaker, export your data to Excel or for backup, and sync asthmaTrack on other devices with iCloud.

Don’t forget – Help is always a tap away!

Press Info to send us a support email, visit these help guides, or to give us a rating in the App Store – especially if you love asthmaTrack! We created this app to help people improved their health so we’re happy to answer questions, receive suggestions for improvements and here your stories of using asthmaTrack. Many of the features and help articles you see here were inspired by real users.


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