Customizing Diaries

 Templates  are the backbone of asthmaTrack and are definitely its most powerful feature, providing customization unavailable in any other medical app. To start customizing, click the Settings  tab. The top of the app turns red so you know you’re adjusting settings, not writing entries in your diary.


Click Templates . You’ll see the 5 default templates that come installed with asthmaTrack. Each one powers one of the 5 kinds of diary entries you’ve already been using. You can turn them on and off as needed. Tap on the name to see what’s inside of each. For this example let’s use My medications .


Click Edit  to begin editing. Let’s add a new medication by choosing New Item . For my example, I’ll add my over the counter allergy pill. After typing the name click Done.


Here’s where asthmaTrack stands out – how do you  want to record your information? For my OTC allergy pill I’ll use a Medication Dosage Slider . Click Done after selecting.


With the Medication Dosage Slider, you customize the specific dosages for your medication. With my allergy pill sometimes I don’t take one (which I’d like to record), or I might take one or two pills a day. You don’t have to record in “pills” – feel free to use “milligrams”, “doses” or anything else you’d like – it’s up to you. ClickDone when you’re finished.


When I return to Quick Start or Diaries and make a My Medications entry in my journal I will now see my new item. I can check the box to select “No pill today”, or slide the indicator up to 1 or 2 pills and the box is automatically checked. The next time I make an entry, asthmaTrack will remember my last dosage. This makes it easy if your dosages vary from time to time.


The Medication Dosage Slider is new in asthmaTrack 3.0, but adding items is only one of many great options inside Templates. You can rearrange, modify or delete existing items. Perhaps you regularly take PEF measurements but don’t need a max value of 700, or you’d like a Yes/No checkbox when you’re around animal dander, or you need to track the cost of prescriptions – the choice is yours! Email us   your favorite customizations and we can share them here for others to take advantage of.

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