Creating Graphs

Graphs allow you to visualize your information, making it easy to spot trends and track improvement. Let’s start by creating a graph of PEF and FEV1 measurements. For this example I have a diary with 6 entries, each one containing a PEF and FEV1 test result.


Next, I’ll select Tools  in the lower bar, and then tap on Graphs .


The Graphs tool has three main sections. The first is Diary , where you’ll select the Diary whose entries you’d like to graph. I’ll be using Andrew’s Asthma, as shown in Step 1. Next, I’ll choose which Graphs  I’d like to make. This diary has PEF and FEV1 tests, and I’d like to graph both. Finally, Normal Values lets you enter a ‘baseline’ – perhaps this is your average measurement, or a target value set by your doctor.  Now tap the Arrow  at the top right to make your graphs.


You’ll be presented with two labelled graphs. The red section represents 50% of your Normal Value, the yellow represents between 80% and 50%, and the green is 80% of your Normal Value or better. The white dashed line shows your normal value for comparison. You’ll also notice the dates don’t line up with the dots in your graph. They are intentionally spaced based on time of day – notice for June 23rd that I have two dots, representing my two results that day. When you’re ready to share your graphs, tap Send .


You have the option of sending your graphs AND the diary entries that created them, just the images of your graphs, just the diary entries, or just the data. Sending the data only creates a .CSV file that you could then graph in Excel, Numbers or any other spreadsheet application. For now, I’ll select Graphs Only .


You’ll be given an email, ready to send and including your graphs. You can enter your recipient(s), customize the subject and add a personalized message. I’ll send these to my doctor and let them know I’d like to discuss at our next appointment. When I’m done I’ll tap Send .


Graphs allow you to visually record and share data, making it easier to spot important patterns and trends. While PEF and FEV1 measurements are useful, you can also create custom items to graph. Follow our tutorial on customizing asthmaTrack if you need help. Just use the Any Number, Variable Number Slider,or Specific Number Slider and start writing in your diary!


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