Tracking Exercise

An asthmaTrack user recently wrote to us asking about tracking exercise. It’s a great idea and one that can very easily be added to asthmaTrack.

One of the most popular exercises is jogging. Let’s say you’re an aspiring jogger and you want to log your distance progress inside asthmaTrack. You’d want to create a custom item in your journal. In this example, let’s use My Test Results.

Our new item will be called Jogging Distance and it will be a variable number slider. The “slider” is something you’ve already seen throughout astmaTrack for quickly entering numbers. The “variable number” means you can customize your slider. You set high and low values for the ends of your slider and choose how much each “notch” on your slider represents. Let’s make our Minimum 0, and our Maximum 5. You can go as high or as low as you’d like and can change both values later if needed.

The Increment represents how precise your slider will be. If you choose .1 then you can track with one decimal place – values like 1.9 miles or 3.4 kilometers. If you’re using a treadmill or GPS device and have a precise distance you may want to use .01 so you can log 1.56 miles, 2.31 kilometers, etc.

Graph would be set to Yes and the color would be whatever suits you best! Now when you’re making graphs you’ll have the option to track how far you’re jogging.

These same steps could be applied to other exercises or metrics. If you’re doing pushups each morning, change your Minimum and Maximum value to match your typical routine (plus a few extra for motivation!) and set your increment to 1. By adjusting the Minimum, Maximum and Increment you could also track other parts of your routine such as calories, glasses of water or grams of protein.

So now that we’ve spent some time with our electronics…let’s get out and there and exercise! Good luck!

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